Your Guide to the Feldenkrais Method®

Let Dr. Hoffman be your guide to somatic education through The Feldenkrais Method®.

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The Feld Guides

Dicipline focused guides to the practice of Feldenkrais, curated by Dr. Hoffman.

Feld Guide is a project to organize the concepts surrounding the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education. Dr. Feldenkrais had an unusually diverse educational background. His intellectual contributions connect areas of endeavor that were far-flung in the 20th century and are still disparate to this day. Feld Guide offers self-directed safaris through the jungle of Feldenkrais theory. We hope it will be useful to students and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method.

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Meet Dr. Hoffman

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Ryan Hoffman (PhD, Biochemistry) is a scientist and educator that likes to study the Feldenkrais Method. He has a long-standing interest in understanding how protein molecules mediate biological processes through their movements. Some of the protein science questions he has worked on are also relevant to the familiar world of day-to-day objects. For example, how do a person’s various parts cooperate to accomplish a functional movement like walking? How is this cooperation learned?

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